Our Values: that is where we stand for.

Our values are our compass and guide us to do our job in a valuable way.

Independence and ethics:
Within RSM we apply the highest ethical standards. Conducting ethical behavior is crucial in our business. We operate independently and provide a service tailored to the customer.
For our activity, we conduct due diligences, make valuations and guide acquisitions in an independent manner and always ensure that our ethical values are of paramount importance in what we do. Ethical business is our second nature.
We remain true to our beliefs. We do the right things.
We remain faithful to our convictions in our decisions, during negotiations and in our communication. Our customers know what RSM stands for and integrity is an important aspect of that.
Giving the best of ourselves is what we strive for every day.

Sincere and transparent cooperation makes all the difference. At any time during a takeover, a book review or a valuation, we can contact our colleagues specialised in accounting, tax and audit. Strong together is our motto.

Long term vision
The long-term vision that is what prevails for us. We apply this long-term vision to our customers, but also to our colleagues, suppliers and business partners.
"Treat others as you would like to be treated." That's our motto. Through this way of thinking we always try to act in the interest of our customers, colleagues and business partners.
The power to be understood makes all the difference.